RNK.VC is focusing on the most innovative solutions in biotech and deeptech field. Our main areas of investment are in cutting-edge biotechnology, including ecology tech, true biotech, agrotech, foodtech, and deeptech. Our mission is to identify and invest in the most promising startups with a strong potential to transform the industry and become global market leaders.
Target industries:

  • Biotech
  • foodtech
  • agtech
  • Non-standard water and liquid purification systems
  • Cleaning systems for gases and gas mixtures
  • Circular economy systems
  • Waste handling systems
  • Organic Waste Solutions
  • Greenhouse Gas Solutions
  • Custom Waste Collection Solutions
  • Microplastic solution
  • Water Treatment Solutions
  • Biodiversity conservation solutions
  • Biodiversity Management Solutions
  • Modeling of natural ecosystems
  • Simulation of soils and soil processes
  • Technologies for the restoration of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Technologies for the restoration of aquatic ecosystems
  • Biological material storage technologies
  • Introducer control solutions
  • Biorepellentation and pest control
  • Digital services and solutions in the field of ecology of natural ecosystems
  • Cell technologies, cultivation, media, reactors
  • New methods and technologies for obtaining organic substances using microorganisms
  • New solutions in the field of classical biotechnology
  • GMO projects with the modification of specific organisms
  • GMO technologies
  • Devices and engineering solutions for biotech
  • Industrial technologies for biotech processes
  • New strains, variety lines and breeds with promising properties
  • Vegetable alt products (meat, fish, cheeses, milk, etc.)
  • Cell food
  • Food waste
  • Full sharing
  • Storage and packaging
  • Processing technologies
  • Transportation – original solutions
  • Processing of primary raw materials - original solutions
  • Super and hyper foods
  • Unusual solutions and concepts in food retail and catering
  • Process stimulators biochemical, electromagnetic etc
  • Projects in the field of genetics and genetic technologies
  • Pharmaceutical devices
  • Production of derivatives and surrogates for pharmaceuticals
  • Aquaculture
  • Marinoculture
  • Mushrooms new strains, species, new growing technologies
  • Insect farms (except lionfish)
  • Non-standard growing systems for anyone
  • New types/breeds of animals
  • New plant species/varieties
  • Unusual ways to get fertilizer
  • Alternative protein production
  • Agricultural waste processing
  • Genetic technologies in agro
  • Original alloys with application scenarios
  • Shape memory materials
  • Energy absorbers and storage materials
  • Dynamic aggregate state material
  • New materials with unusual properties
  • Energy storage
  • Microenergy
  • Autonomous systems
  • Alternative energy sources
  • New types of energy production
  • New movers
  • Soft robots
  • Original niche solutions
  • Microrobots
  • Highly autonomous robotic systems
  • Biological and chemical robotic agents
  • Exoskeletons and elements of exoskeletons
  • Artificial muscles
  • Cyborgization
  • New materials with increased physical characteristics
  • New materials for original application scenarios
  • Sophisticated materials with multifunctionality
  • Original polymers
  • Eco-materials
  • Bionic materials
  • Original solutions in the field of
individual mobility
  • Autonomous
  • Transport systems
  • Avionics solutions
  • River transport solutions
  • Transport security systems
Any unusual gadgets, devices and
objects with interesting functionality
Advanced Materials
Smart Materials
Alternative Energy
Target industries:
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