RNK.VC is focusing on the most innovative solutions in biotech and deeptech field. Our main areas of investment are in cutting-edge biotechnology, including ecology tech, true biotech, agrotech, foodtech, and deeptech. Our mission is to identify and invest in the most promising startups with a strong potential to transform the industry and become global market leaders.
Target industries:

  • Biotech
  • foodtech
  • agtech
  • Non-standard water and liquid purification systems
  • Cleaning systems for gases and gas mixtures
  • Circular economy systems
  • Waste handling systems
  • Organic Waste Solutions
  • Greenhouse Gas Solutions
  • Custom Waste Collection Solutions
  • Microplastic solution
  • Water Treatment Solutions
  • Biodiversity conservation solutions
  • Biodiversity Management Solutions
  • Modeling of natural ecosystems
  • Simulation of soils and soil processes
  • Technologies for the restoration of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Technologies for the restoration of aquatic ecosystems
  • Biological material storage technologies
  • Introducer control solutions
  • Biorepellentation and pest control
  • Digital services and solutions in the field of ecology of natural ecosystems
  • Cell technologies, cultivation, media, reactors
  • New methods and technologies for obtaining organic substances using microorganisms
  • New solutions in the field of classical biotechnology
  • GMO projects with the modification of specific organisms
  • GMO technologies
  • Devices and engineering solutions for biotech
  • Industrial technologies for biotech processes
  • New strains, variety lines and breeds with promising properties
  • Vegetable alt products (meat, fish, cheeses, milk, etc.)
  • Cell food
  • Food waste
  • Full sharing
  • Storage and packaging
  • Processing technologies
  • Transportation – original solutions
  • Processing of primary raw materials - original solutions
  • Super and hyper foods
  • Unusual solutions and concepts in food retail and catering
  • Process stimulators biochemical, electromagnetic etc
  • Projects in the field of genetics and genetic technologies
  • Pharmaceutical devices
  • Production of derivatives and surrogates for pharmaceuticals
  • Aquaculture
  • Marinoculture
  • Mushrooms new strains, species, new growing technologies
  • Insect farms (except lionfish)
  • Non-standard growing systems for anyone
  • New types/breeds of animals
  • New plant species/varieties
  • Unusual ways to get fertilizer
  • Alternative protein production
  • Agricultural waste processing
  • Genetic technologies in agro
  • Original alloys with application scenarios
  • Shape memory materials
  • Energy absorbers and storage materials
  • Dynamic aggregate state material
  • New materials with unusual properties
  • Energy storage
  • Microenergy
  • Autonomous systems
  • Alternative energy sources
  • New types of energy production
  • New movers
  • Soft robots
  • Original niche solutions
  • Microrobots
  • Highly autonomous robotic systems
  • Biological and chemical robotic agents
  • Exoskeletons and elements of exoskeletons
  • Artificial muscles
  • Cyborgization
  • New materials with increased physical characteristics
  • New materials for original application scenarios
  • Sophisticated materials with multifunctionality
  • Original polymers
  • Eco-materials
  • Bionic materials
  • Original solutions in the field of
individual mobility
  • Autonomous
  • Transport systems
  • Avionics solutions
  • River transport solutions
  • Transport security systems
Any unusual gadgets, devices and
objects with interesting functionality
Advanced Materials
Smart Materials
Alternative Energy
Target industries:
10+ years experience in startups, tech and venture capital investments
Work with private investors and funds in MENA region
Master degree in applied Physics and Mathematics in Science at MIPT, Faculty of Aerospace Research
Since 2010, have been actively involved in entrepreneurial activities (made exit in 2015 from the largest marketplace in CIS countries, totally raised more than $80mln);
Since 2017 – investment and fundraising activities in the field of high technologies (AI, VR/AR, Robotics, Deep tech, IOT etc). Building venture portfolios for family offices and high-net-worth individuals worldwide
Top Women in Tech from Europe in 2021 (IBT)
Serial entrepreneur and investor in Biotech and Deeptech startups in Biotechnology and Deep Tech Ecosystems.
Ilya is a co-founder and head of Biovolf, the company that develops efficient technologies for plant protein production and CO2 recycling.
By providing scientific and business expertise, he assists in the growth and development of high-tech companies, aiming to influence the development of the technological revolution.
As a TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) expert, he solves complex issues related to the implementation and evaluation of new technologies in business processes using a creative problem-solving approach.
Mohammed is a highly skilled computer hardware and embedded engineer with 13 years of experience in designing, prototyping, and mass-producing electronics and related hardware across various industries. His experience spans diverse sectors, including oil and gas, solar energy, medicine, and others, encompassing AI-driven hardware, robotics, logging tools, and security systems.
His strong educational background and experience enable him to navigate the entire product development lifecycle, from the initial proof-of-concept stage to full-scale production. With a comprehensive understanding of computer engineering and its practical applications, he has proven to be a valuable contributor in delivering cutting-edge solutions across multiple domains.
Elena Aster
Ilia Paraushkin
Mohammed Ahmed Hassanein Khalil
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